Cleaning data on my computer

I remember my first computer which I had when I was in about 4th standard (that would be about 15 years back if I am right), if I remember correctly. It was a real source of entertainment for me at the time. Although I did enjoy playing basic dos games on it for long durations a lot, but I remember that computer and most importantly it’s exact configuration because of a really hilarious incident that happened with me! ( Well considering my age at that time and my level of understanding of the computer, it really was hilarious, not that dumb 😀 )

The computer I had at that time had a 504MB HDD, 32MB RAM, one 31/2 in Floppy drive, A 15″ black & white monitor. And it was running Windows 3.1! This particular incident happened on one fine day when while I was transferring some files from several of my loved floppy disks that I got from a friends place and I suddenly realized that I had an awful mess in the C:\. I had so many files there that I had no clue about! I was dead sure many of them were ‘useless’ and I never used them and certainly would never need them in the future!

So I decided that it was time enough that I should clean it all up and have a really organized and tidy C:\! It took me a lot of time and patience to carefully chose files that were ‘useless’ and the ones that were ‘useful’ the ones that I had put there myself and I used often, wallpapers and games, and deleted all the ‘useless’ files. As simple as that.

Some of the files that got deleted from the C:\ were autoexec.bat (what a weird name! :D, I do not want anything executed by itself!!!), and other important (well important for Windows!) files like boot.ini etc etc. After I cleaned everything up I felt really nice, it felt that now I really own the computer! (literally!), after all I should know each and every file that is there! The only files that I needn’t bother about were in the windows folder, those I needn’t mess with, that’s the windows!

So I cleaned up all my data in C:\ and it felt like I did a really cool job, played a few games like dave, prince 1, for some more time and enjoyed a lot playing on it (for the last time…). After I was through I shut down my pc and sweetly went back to doing my homework. I completed my homework really quickly (since I had to get back to the games! ) and quickly got back on my comp only to start it and get all sorts of errors and it won’t boot up. It was so weird! :D. I tried a lot of things, got the command prompt as well but couldn’t get the windows up and running. That’s when I knew I was in trouble!!!

It had taken a lot of convincing my dad to actually get him to arrange a pc from his company which he would get at a reasonable price. And it wasn’t the fact that I had ruined the pc that was worrying me. It was the fact that this would give him the chance to have it returned back so I could get back to my studies and not waste my time on it anymore, the computer, the noises and the games really annoyed him anyways! Well that’s what happened :).

It’s not that I changed a lot after that, I had my hands at a lot of pcs at the school labs! Me and my friends did lots and lots of cool things there :). Played loads of games! And we knew exactly how to fool the lab assistant into thinking that we’re actually learning MS Office!!!

It was one really hilarious thing that happened, I laugh a lot even today thinking of what happened.

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