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Vim Railscasts Colorscheme

VIM in my muscle memory is one of my popular posts, the day I published it, I attracted over 3,200 unique views in a single day, mostly from Hacker News and Reddit Programming. Although it is an extremely densely packed post with lots of information, I hope it has helped some to appreciate VIM like I do.

In my several years of VIM usage, I have tried several colorscheme’s, though I have come to like only a select few. One colorscheme that I have liked the most and have always ended up coming back to is the Railscasts theme. There are 2 versions of this script :

  1. https://github.com/jpo/vim-railscasts-theme – the original GUI only theme by Josh O’Rourke.
  2. https://github.com/vim-scripts/Railscasts-Theme-GUIand256color/blob/master/colors/railscasts.vim – as the name suggests, this is an extension of the original theme by Josh O’Rourke with sane 256 color equivalents for terminal vim written by Nick Moffitt.

I have tried both versions, but there are several inconsistencies between them. I also tried using Josh’s version along with csapprox, but I did not like some of the color conversions made by it. It was simply not ‘coherent’ enough for my liking between the gui & terminal. Also some of the elements of Nick’s version in the terminal were annoying, for eg.) the default (Normal) background for terminal in Nick’s version was transparent. I use a terminal with transparency so I can often read stuff from my editor in the background or even the browser, but this does not work well with my editor, when I am coding I would not like the distraction of anything behind my code.
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